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Natural Stone & Marble

Natural Stone is unpolished quarried stone and includes Nabresina, Portland, York and Purbeck varieties. All Natural Stones have porous qualities and consequently will become discoloured and prone to mosses and lichens.

White Marble is the most widely used stone in cemeteries. Its rubbed finish has natural veins of colour, so the stone can be white to blue and grey. This subtle colour and permeable qualities can lead to a quick build up of discolouration and grime.

The same method can be used to clean Natural Stone and Marble. Use CLEAR bleach and a hard-bristled scrubbing brush, with a soft-bristled brush for the lettering. Spray bleach liberally over the entire memorial using the appropriate brush to remove any stubborn grime, taking care not to dislodge any of the lettering, photoplaques or ornaments. When the stone has returned to its natural colour, rinse several times with clean, cold water to wash off any excess chemicals.

Points to Remember

Do regularly spray with clear Bleach.
Do use a soft scrubbing brush on gilded letters.
Don’t leave fresh flowers to decay. This will cause staining that can not be removed.
Don’t place potted plants on Memorial. The soil can permanently stain the Memorial surface.