St Peters Jubilee Party

On Sunday 3rd June, St Peters opened up the church for a party. It was well attended with over a hundred and fifty people, old and young.

The party started with games for everyone, Reverend Alex Hughes joined in with all the games, the funniest being the sack race. The good old fashioned games were enjoyed by us all.

The tables were laid out nicely as they would have been in years gone by for the street party, the food was the tea party food of the olden days … All in all it was a great success with Dashwoods supplying the food.

Somerstown Adventure Playground Party

Somerstown adventure playground has been in operation for just over a year, it has been money well spent by the Portsmouth City Council. Vandalism has been reduced in this area since the playground was opened. It is managed by the Council, who pay three on site workers; it mainly needs volunteers to keep the place running. It is a great place for children “to be children”.

As well as the huge outdoor area, there is a large hall where they can be creative with art or play table tennis etc.

St Peter`s Church do what they can for the children, in the form of parties and bbq`s. Jan Saidy was asked by St Peter`s to go along and help dish out sausage and chips for their party. She was in her element amongst the children. ‘I sat with them eating chips and ice cream, along with Reverend Hughes and Reverend Rodel’.

Jan also had a chance to talk to the manager of the playground. He said that, during holidays, up to three hundred children can pass through the gates in one day.

‘It was a great opportunity for me to see the setup, I intend to visit the playground often and do what I can to help.’ – Jan Saidy

Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors bless their tree at Christmas

Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors will again in 2011 be holding a Christmas Tree Blessing in their funeral home in Portsmouth.

Clients, their families and friends from the past year will be invited to attend and place personal message cards on the tree in memory of their loved ones.

If you have not utilised Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors services in the past year, and wish to attend the blessing please contact our office to confirm your attendance to the following date:

Dashwood & Denyer, Portsmouth 07/12/2011 5.00pm

Dashford & Denyer Funeral Co-ordinator attends St Peters Church Bonfire Night in Portsmouth

St Peters Church in Somerstown, Portsmouth hosted a bonfire night on the 5th November.

Jan Stevenson a Funeral Co-ordinator from Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors in Southsea attended the event with her family. Everyone wrapped up in their warm winter coats and made their way to the vicarage, where they were greeted by Reverend Alex Hughes and his wife Sarah.

On their arrival there was a small bonfire on the go and Reverend Mark Rodel was setting up the firework display. Sarah was busy in the kitchen making the hotdogs and soup for everyone and Jan helped out and was put in charge of cutting the delicious homemade cakes.

There were plenty of fireworks to watch and an ample amount of food. The night drew to an end with the good old fashioned sparklers for the children, it was a fun evening, enjoyed by all who attended.

Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Co-ordinator attends All Souls Service at St Peters Church in Southsea

On Sunday 30th October Jan Stevenson a Funeral Co-ordinator from Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors in Portsmouth went along to St Peters Church in Southsea Portsmouth for the All Souls Service, this is a service to remember all those who have passed away, in particular those in the last year.

On entering the church she was greeted with the most beautiful music which set the scene for the service. Reverend Alex Hughes and Reverend Mark Rodel, both took the service. It was so moving, especially when the names of the people who’s funerals Jan had arranged came up, Jan commented “hearing this made me feel rather honoured to have done this, along with my fond connection at St Peter`s Church and everyone I meet here.”

Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors hold an Open Evening

Jan Stevenson a Funeral Co-ordinator at Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors in Portsmouth has been there for almost five years and decided to invite the professional people she has encountered along the way to a cheese and wine evening. The doors opened at 5pm for people to chat and have a look around the branch in Southsea Portsmouth.

The turn out of guests was incredible, amongst the guests were Ministers from St Georges and St Judes and Wardens from St Peters, charity workers from Fort Cancer, The Rowans and the Rainbow Trust, Allan’s Solicitors and lecturers from Highbury College. Caroline Zealand, the Registrar and her husband were impressed with the Funeral Directors and the work they do. All of them had questions to ask the team on hand that evening , who were Ken Newman, Michelle Marriott, Jason Corbin and Jean Higgins and Jan herself.

Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors have been asked by a firm of solicitors to carry out a study day for them and have received letters of thanks back from those that were invited. Jan thanked all that attended for their help and support to put on such a successful and lovely evening.

Supporting the Y factor

Easter Saturday saw the final of the Fort Cancer Charity Y FACTOR which took place in Thorngate Hall, Gosport. After months and months of judging such incredible performances at last the final had arrived, all seats were taken. On this occasion the judges sat back and enjoyed the music, Terry Powell from Express FM and myself had been to every stage of the competition, the team at Dashwood & Denyer funeral directors of Portsmouth & Southsea had an amazing time and thrilled to have been asked in the first place to judge.

The singers age range was from twelve up too the late thirties. The talent was outstanding and first class entertainment. It was a difficult task for the audience to choose, this year the public were able to vote on line. It had been such a wonderful event to take part in none of us wanted it to end. Finally the winner was announced, Bella from Gosport (the eldest in the competition) was taken by surprise as being the winner. A good time was had by all and new friends were made and the most important thing of all 7,500 was raised for Fort Cancer.

Jan Stevenson

Our support of the 50th anniversary service for Reverend Arthur Green

2011 got off to a good start with the 50th Anniversary Service for Reverend Arthur Green, retired minister of St Peters Church. I was invited along with 70 or more special guests. Reverend Green conducted the service along with Reverend Alex Hughes. Reverend Green had such a presence about him and held everyone’s attention with his strong, interesting voice and stories of days gone by.

Reverend Hughes gave us a wonderful account of the early days here at St Peters when Reverend Green was a young man starting out with his ministry work.

Reverend Green’s family were all in attendance and full of pride for the work he continues to do.

After the service we had a superb lunch cooked by St Peters wardens, it was a very special day and I was honoured to be invited.

Jan Stevenson

Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors

At Dashwood and Denyer Funeral Directors, we believe in providing a professional and respectful service that is second to none. Understanding the needs of our clients is of utmost importance to us at Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors, and we’re fully aware that our clients appreciate being treated as an individual with individual needs. Caring for people is what we do best and we genuinely believe we offer a service that is second to none. It’s very hard to encapsulate our passion in words, there is a short clip which showcases our funeral home and hopefully you can see the pride we take in our homes which is matched with our service. To find out more about our service please feel free to contact us by either telephone, the contact page on this website or simply by visiting our funeral home.

Dashwood & Denyer bless their tree at Christmas

On Wednesday 15th December, Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors of Southsea invited clients into their funeral homes to attend their Christmas tree blessing service. The service was being held in memory of those who had lost someone throughout the past year.

The blessing was led by Reverend Alex Hughes of St Peters and St Lukes Parish, Southsea. Clients who attended the service were invited to place personal messages and memory cards onto the tree.

Reverend Hughes commented “It was a pleasure to be asked to bless the Christmas tree at Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors. Jan and her team offered myself and their guests a warm reception which made everyone feel welcome. I am certain that the simple act of placing the names of loved ones onto their Christmas treewill help give bereaved families comfort this Christmas”.

The team at Dashwood & Denyer including Funeral Co-ordinator Jan Stevenson concluded “It was a pleasure to be able to invite our families back into our funeral home to attend our blessing service and place their memorial cards onto our tree. At this time of year, it is important to remember the loved ones whom we have lost, and I was delighted to be able to organise this special service for our many families”.