Dashwood & Denyer Funeral Directors Southsea

When Someone Dies in a Hospital or Nursing Home

When someone dies in a hospital or nursing home, you will normally be dealing with the Sister or Staff Nurse in charge. They will advise you when and where to collect the Cause of Death Certificate. You should let the staff know if the funeral is to be a cremation, as the doctor will need to prepare papers and advising them at this stage may prevent delays later.

Hospitals usually have a mortuary where the deceased will be cared for while the necessary paperwork is arranged. If the death occurs in a Nursing Home, the staff will need us to take the deceased into our care. Please inform the Nursing Home staff that you have chosen us to take care of the funeral.

You should then contact the Funeral Director, who will ask for details about you, the deceased and the place of death. You can then arrange a time to call at our office or have one of our staff call at your home to discuss the funeral arrangements.